Looking to buy the best smartphone for Christmas?

Many people will be confused by the sheer range of smartphones available this Chrstmas 2013. Here we hope to provide you with a plain Englidh guide to buy the best smartphone for you.

Android or Apple?
This really comes down to personal choice. Some people love Apple, others love Android. At the end of the day they all allow you to do the same jobs. Namely for phonecalls, browsing the web, checking emails, listening to music, satellite navigation, playing games, and watchinbg videos amoungst a host of other uses. Yes both Apple and Android smartphones will accomplish all this and more.

The hottest apple gadget for 2013 is the new iPhone 5 and 5C

UK Enjoy The Best Kinect Games This Christmas On Your Xbox 360

Are you excited by the release of the Kinect for the the Xbox in the UK? Me too! Hopefuly you’ve already ordered your UK Kinect online before stocks run out for Christmas!

So now you have your Kinect sorted. But what are the best Kinect games to play with the connect?

We also have a Nintendo Wii, so I know what makes for good motion control games. Therefore I can already tell you that the best Xbox 360 Kinect games will be fitness, sports, dance, action and party themed games. All packed with fun and will get the whole family active right in your living room!

The following is a list of similar games that will make the most of the motion control system offered by the Kinect system :-

  • Full list of Kinect games CLICK HERE!
  • Your Shape: Fitness Evolved – Kinect Compatible Xbox 360
  • Kinect Sports – Kinect Compatible (Xbox 360)
  • Star Wars Kinect Xbox 360
  • Kinectimals – Kinect Compatible Xbox 360
  • Fighters Uncaged – Kinect Compatible Xbox 360
  • Sonic Free Riders – Kinect Compatible Xbox 360
  • Motion Sports – Kinect Compatible Xbox 360 2010
  • Full list of Kinect games CLICK HERE!

Can you recommend any other games for the Kinect? Let us know your favourite best Kinect game  in the comments.

UK Kinect for Xbox 360 Best Price and Value Online Delivered

If you’re like me and like to shop around for the best price and value in the UK, then there’s nothing better than finding someone who has already done the donkey work already.

If you’re wondering where to buy the new Kinect in the UK for the Xbox 360, then I have some valuable research already done. Note that I haven’t actually looked into bricks and mortar shops. I have however looked at various websites online in order to see who is selling the cheapest Kinect for the best price delivered in the UK.

I scoured the most popular websites for the UK Kinect. This is the best value price for the Xbox Kinect delivered in the UK.

Best advice is to order immediately, as sources in the industry predict that this will be the number one selling Christmas present for 2010. Leave it any longer and you’ll be one of those individuals praying for stocks to be replenished during the last week of Christmas. Do you really want to be on a waiting list for the Kinect? No, me neither. Order your Kinect now!

Best Games Console? Which One Should You Buy? Wii PS3 XBOX Compared

Buying a games console for Christmas 2010? Get the lowdown on the three main games consoles. Do you want a family friendly Wii? Or perhaps you’re considering the Xbox 360 from Microsoft. Finally there’s the luxurious Sony PS3 with its Blu-ray player

I’ve often wondered which is the best games console one can buy today. Should you buy a Nintendo Wii, a Sony Playstation 3, or an Xbox 360 from Microsoft? Buy the wrong one, and its money down the drain. However I’m going to help you choose the right one. I’m going to compare and contrast all three consoles. You’ll soon know which one to buy!

Nintendo Wii

The Nintendo Wii has been around since November 2006. It is the the most family friendly of the consoles. Some might say that it also the most fun for playing together.

The Wii is best suited to casual gamers.

Get the best price for the Nintendo Wii – CLICK HERE!


  • Cheaper than other consoles
  • Fun factor
  • Fun games e.g. Mario Bros, Mario Kart
  • Introduces an element of exercise for some games
  • Wii Fit
  • Wii motion controls – Wii remote, Nunchuck etc
  • Kids / family / user friendly


  • Least powerful of all three consoles
  • Console is due for an upgrade, but hence lower price!
  • No Blu-ray player
  • No HDMI output

Xbox 360

The Xbox 360 was introduced by Microsoft back in May 2005. In June 2010 it underwent an upgrade which brought a slimmer console, integrated WiFi 5 2.0 USB ports and a 250GB HD (different models have different HD capacities).

Get the best price for the Xbox 360 – CLICK HERE!



  • No Blu-ray Player
  • Less powerful than PS3

Sony Play Station 3 Slim – AKA PS3

The PS3 is probably the best of all three consoles when it comes to its hardware capabilities. Its got the best processor, memory, a blueray player and an ever growing community.

Get the best price on the PS3 – CLICK HERE!



  • Most expensive console
  • Perhaps not as user friendly

So there you go. In conclusion there’s probably no one games console that suits everyone. If you’re a young family or casual games player then go for a Nintendo Wii.

If you’re into games but want a cheaper games console then the Xbox fits the bill nicely.

Finally if you are prepared to pay the most money for the best games console then go for the Sony PS3.

Buying a games console for Christmas 2010? Get the lowdown on the three main games consoles. Do you want a family friendly Wii? Or perhaps you’re considering the Xbox 360 from Microsoft. Finally there’s the luxurious Sony PS3 with its Blu-ray player

Vtech Kidizoom Video Camera for Kids. Boys & Girls Video Camera

Vtech Kidizoom Video Camera for Kids

Vtech Kidizoom Video Camera for Boys Blue ColourVtech Kidizoom Video Camera for Girls Pink Colour

Vtech Kidizoom Video Camera is an amazing gadget for kids. It’s is the perfect present for kids of all ages. This camera will kindle your kids interest in photography and making videos. It will capture any kids imagination, and is packed with endless fun. The ability for this toy to offer such versatility makes this video camera a best buy for your boy or girl.

Following on from the fantastic Vtech Camera which was a great seller last year, the Vtech video camera is the latest gadget for kids in 2010. If your looking for a Christmas gift with bags of everlasting fun, then looking no further than the new Vtech Video Camera for kids!


The Vtech Kidizoom camera comes in two different colours. A blue video camera for boys, and a pink video camera for girls. Other than the different colour schemes, both cameras offer identical features.


Lets take a look at the features offered by this video camera:-

  • Take photographs
  • Shoot videos
  • 256MB Internal memory
  • SD Card memory expansion
  • 4 x digital zoom
  • 2.0 mega pixel resolution
  • TV and PC connection
  • 1.8″ colour TFT screen


Perhaps not the best specs in the world for a video camera. However you need to consider this video camera is specially design for kids. Firstly is is designed to fit in small hands. It also embodies a tough design to lesson the impacts of accidental drops. Additionally it offers an easy operation that any child can use without being confused.

Also Recommended

Don’t forget that the video camera has a limited 256MB of internal memory. To get the best usage out of the Vtech Kidizoom video camera, it is highly recommended that you extend this with an SD Card.

Don’t forget that you’ll also 4 AA batteries are required to power the camera. Although 4 are supplied, they may be of limited power and you’d be best advised to buy some long life batteries to prevent any disappointments!


The Vtech Kidizoom digital video camera for kids is an ideal gift for all children under the age of 10. I don’t believe any minimum age can be applied, as it’s so easy to use and your child will immediately be able to use it’s point and shoot simplicity.

My 4-year-old boy easily mastered the Vtech camera, and the video camera is just as easy to start with.  The additional features like zooming and editing can then be learned as your child grows. What more would you need in the perfect present for kids!

Waterproof Water Resistant Case & Cover for the UK Kindle 3

Kindle Waterproof Case

Kindle Waterproof Case Review

With the winter months now upon us, our precious gadgets will be exposed more often to the rain.

This means you’ll need to be extra careful of your Kindle 3. It’s all too easy to hop off the bus, out of the tube station, or out of the office, with your Kindle under your arm. If it’s raining out you’ll have to be extra careful that your Kindle doesn’t get saturated.

The only way to ensure that you keep moisture off your Kindle is to keep it covered. A water resistant cover is the best way to keep the Kindle dry.

Much better then hiding it under an umberella; at least a cover won’t blow inside out!

The water resistant case will fit your Kindle snuggly, so it also doubles as a protective cover.

There’s a wide variety of colours available too. Choose from manly black right through to girly pink.

The case will also help protect your Kindle against damage caused by knocks, spills and falls.

Finally if you’re lucky enough to be heading off on a winter holiday, either by the pool or skying, then this water resistant Kindle cover will prevent water and moisture damage.

UK Kindle Cover With LED Light. Best Leather Cover & Case

This is a fantastic cover with LED light for the latest generation Kindle 3 with 6″ screen. Not only does it offer amazing protection for your eReader, but built into the case you’ll also find and amazingly useful light.

UK Kindle Cover With Light

The light is retractable, and folds neatly into the leather cover. There are no additional batteries required; the light simply uses power from the Kindle itself. And as its a LED light, the power consumption is minimal, and won’t aversely affect the battery life of your Kindle.

Kindle Reviews & Opinions UK
Even better still, the reviews of this cover are truly exceptional, overall voting 4.3 / 5!

The cover itself is made of high quality leather that feels comfortable yet very luxurious in in the hand. Your Kindle read will still look very cool in this exclusive cover. The inside of the cover is made of microfibre suede, which will protect the screen from scratches.

The kindle cover with light is available in black, blue, red, green, chocolate brown and  pink.

Kindle Cover with Retractable LED Light. See the selection of leather colours available. GET YOURS TODAY!

UK Kindle 3 – Latest Generation Kindle 3 3G / Wifi for the UK

The Kindle 3 is now available to buy in the UK! The latest generation eReader offers up many new  advanced features over the Kindle 2.

UK Kindle 3

The following highlights the main new features of the Kindle 3:-

  • Enhanced screen – e-Ink screen offers 50% better contrast
  • Kindle 3 is easier to read in sunlight. The new screen boasts “no glare” from the sun or bright light conditions
  • Page “turns” take 20% less time to complete.
  • Quieter to turn pages – no annoying bedtime reading for your partner!
  • Easier to read fonts
  • More storage – in fact the Kindle 3 has double the memory. Can store up to 3,500 eBooks
  • Wifi – Kindle 3 is easier to connect online
  • 3G Wifi – get WiFi connectivity on the road, just like mobile 3G
  • eBooks download in about 1 minute
  • Now with a web browser – surf the internet using your Kindle 3

The Kindle 3 is now a “must have” gadget. If you’re considering buying a Kindle 3 for yourself, or as a present, then don’t hesitate, buy one today!

This is just a summary of the latest generation Kindle 3 for the UK. For more information and the best Kindle UK prices, CLICK HERE!